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I have WIN XP

I need to Check: there is not firewall between desktop (my PC IP = to other PC (IP port 8443

how to check that? by telnet from cmd Window ?

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What OS are you running?

  • Run a packet analyzer on the destination PC (something like tcpdump on Linux or wireshark on both Linux and Windows). While you listen on the interface that has bound, do a telnet 8443 on the source PC. If you see a connection attempt there's no filtering.
  • Listen on that port for connections with any daemon or, better yet, netcat. nc -l 8443 listens for connections on that port. Then connect from the source PC using nc 8443 or telnet 8443. If you are able to connect there's no filtering.

Edit: I see you clarified that you're using Windows. There should be a more Windows-friendly way of doing this, but you can still use either Wireshark or the Windows port of netcat.

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Not as a criticism of this answer, but as a warning: some antivirus and firewalls may raise alarm bells on nc (netcat) or nmap. It's not bad to let your and remote network administrators know that you are going to do. – port tester Aug 2 '11 at 17:11

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