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This feels like it should be really really simple, but I can't figure it out. I must be missing something very obvious.

I want to redirect from the homepage of my site to

but I can't figure out what pattern to use to match this. I've tried:

  • keeping the pattern blank
  • /
  • ~

But none of these seem to match. I'm also not sure whether to match using reg ex, wildcards or exact match.

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Use regex and for the URL field (top one) use '^($|default.aspx$)' (without the quotes). That means exactly nothing or exactly default.aspx. Obviously you can replace default.aspx with your own default doc. Whether or not someone enters a trailing slash won't matter. The URL field strips that.

You can use {HTTP_HOST} in the condition to filter by just your domain name.

And, if you use a rewrite rather than a redirect then the URL will remain at and look a bit better to the user ... unless you want them to see the coming-soon in the URL.

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