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I have installed drbd8-utils, and edited the drbd.conf file in /etc. But when I try to start drbd I get the following error message.

root@drbd1:~# service drbd start /etc/drbd.conf:4: Failed to open include file 'drbd.d/*.res'. * Starting DRBD resources /etc/drbd.conf:4: Failed to open include file 'drbd.d/.res'. DRBD module version: 8.3.8 userland version: 8.3.7 you should upgrade your drbd tools! /etc/drbd.conf:4: Failed to open include file 'drbd.d/.res'.

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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DRBD is looking for a resource file with a .res extension in /etc/drbd.d and you don't have one. Evidently you configured the global file but not one for your resources.

Here is the documentation on configuring a resource file. You can almost copy/paste the sample one but you really should read and understand the doc first.

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