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I am new to RHEL 6 but have a project where I need a postgres 9 database and I only have RHEL 6 available to me. How can I safely do this? Should I install from source or is there a package around somewhere?

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To install open-source version of PostgreSQL you have three ways:

Note that if you are doing something serious, then you probably should use latest minor version of PostgreSQL (at this time 9.0.4).

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You can use the official RPMs available directly from PostgreSQL at:

Find the repo file for your preferred distribution and install from there.

Also see: PostgreSQL RPM Building Project - Yum Repository Howto

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Did you specifically want to compile from source? You mentioned Red Hat 6, so I thought you'd be interested in an RPM-based solution. – ewwhite Jun 1 '11 at 16:03

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