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We are currently preparing to deploy our software in an non EU country. Any hints, how I can check response times from any country? Just to get a feeling when we have to use CDS and stuff...

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You absolutely want to test with It's a free service by Patrick Meenan and others. Essentially it consists of dedicated Internet Explorer instances, hosted around the world, which will load your page and show you:

  • Waterfall charts of the resources loaded, and load times etc.
  • Caching headers scores, image compression scores, and other scores for best practice page load optimizations.
  • A little sequence of screenshots showing how the site renders.

With you cannot test from any country, 'just' from the 20 or so locations they currently support.

In addition to Webpagetest's one-off testing, you can also set up ongoing testing using fx Gomez, Pingdom, or any of the many other website testing services.

If you want to know more about this field, then the book "High Performance Web Sites" by Steve Souders is the best starting point.

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I will have a Look, but Sounds just like what i Need :) thanks – mlaug Jun 2 '11 at 6:34

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