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Is there any standard list of email prefixes or words that should be blocked by default?

If I'm sending a message as part of a validation flow or on behalf of a user, are there any standards for messages that are more likely to cause trouble than to result in happy users? I can come up with my own list, but I'd rather use a common list if one exists. I'm talking about blocking things like:

  • suppot@.*
  • helpdesk@.*
  • admin@.*
  • sales@.*
  • .*listserv.*
  • .*majordomo.*
  • .*@txt.att.net
  • .*@text.vzw.com

There is a partial list here which includes most of the above under "Bulk Email list administrative address" and "Other Administrative email", but is there any useful / definitive list I should reference instead?

I know that any of these could be valid, but it's more likely that someone would include one of these addresses maliciously or without intending to do so. (i.e. "Invite everyone@listserv.example.com to play FooVille" or "Mr. YourCompany Sucks, please validate sales@example.com by clicking here")

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Even with the lists, there are dynamic scoring services which will "adjust" itself based on predominant trends at large. Something to keep in mind... You may also need to adjust your messaging as well.

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Messaging / content scoring is for something like Litmus (Postini, SpamAssassin, etc.). I'm looking more for address guidelines, the equivalent of content => "don't use keyword vi@gra" but for email addresses => ???. –  Maelstrom May 31 '11 at 21:13
The point here is that due to the changing strategies of the "bad guys," the lists/style points you are seeking are a lot less effective and maybe not that "durable" as one would hope these days. –  user48838 Jun 1 '11 at 0:12

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