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Our client has a website at www.myclient.com. They want a new site created at www.myclient.com/newsite and for us to host it.

Is it possible to have www.myclient.com hosted on one server/network and www.myclient.com/newsite hosted on another server/network? How?

If not possible - is it possible using subdomains (newsite.myclient.com)

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Yes, both sites could run under the same DNS name, but for the "second" site, you would need to set up a proxy (mod_proxy if you're using apache) to proxy requests through to the second server.

For your second question, yes of course, with a subdomain it is certainly possible to run the two sites on separate hosts.

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You can try 'url rewriting'.

  • For IIS, check here
  • For Apache, please check there
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