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i try to install Citrix XenApp, first install Webinterface und XenApp to one Server and licence-manager to an other server. I can connect to Port 27000 on licenceserver with telnet and can go to Webinterface from licence-server. On the XenApp Server i run Delivery Service Console and check the policy Licenceserverhost and port.

When i connect to XenApp Server i get the message cant connect to licence server. But i don't know why, can anyone tell me how i can debug this. On the licenceserver there are no errorlogs.

Regards Rene

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The Message comes because i remove the Startup-License. I upload my own license-file and replace the startup-license. So the connection to license-server does'nt work. When i copy my startup-license back to the license-server all works well.

Regards Rene

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