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I am giving the following command.

sudo apt-get install drbd8-utils drbd8-module-source \ build-essential module-assistant

and when I do, the response I get is

Note, selecting drbd8-source instead of drbd8-module-source

drbd8-source is already the newest version

Then when I go to install drbd using this command

module-assistant auto-install drbd8

A GUI pops up and says that I am missing "something" (which I am assuming is the module since everything else installs correctly)

I'm following the guide from, so I'm fairly certain that I have all of the pre-requisites installed. But I am relatively unfamiliar with linux so if I am missing something, I'd be happy to know what it is.

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I just installed it on a 10.10 virtual machine doing

navaho@navaho-laptop:~$ apt-get install drbd8-utils
navaho@navaho-laptop:~$ modprobe drbd
navaho@navaho-laptop:~$ lsmod |grep drbd

drbd                  241864  0 
lru_cache               5950  1 drbd

I know that the documentation says otherwise, but that's the easiest way in my experience.

You can then review and edit the global conf and create the resource res in /etc/drbd.d according to the plan you have in mind.

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