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I am going to install Drupal 7 to my new server, I have installed all stuff that mentioned in the requirement, however I stall get the error message saying that

"...Your web server does not appear to support any common PDO database extensions. Check with your hosting provider to see if they support PDO (PHP Data Objects) and offer any databases that Drupal supports..."

After searching from the internet, I found that I need to install pdo_mysql to my server, however I can't get this stuff from the installation package, could anyone suggest the way to solve this problem?

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it could be php-pdo if you are using zypper

 zypper install php5-pdo php5-mysql


 zypper install php-pdo php-mysql
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Should I download it from internet or the Suse11 disc will include? – Charles Yeung Jun 2 '11 at 3:05
i think you should be able using zypper, just try zypper install php5-pdo php5-mysql from your command line, if not may be you take alook on cd. or download it like… if you are using SUSE 11.1 64bit – chocripple Jun 2 '11 at 3:30

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