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According to this web page, it seems IPIP Tunneling should work in EC2 instances. But I'm not sure whether it also works for instances in difference regions.

Did anyone have experienced it before? How can I configure IPIP to make it work for instances in different regions?

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Of course IP tunnels can be created between any two endpoints that can talk to each other. EC2 instances have two IP addresses, an internal 10-dot address that is only routable inside the availability region, and a hard IP that is routable from anywhere. In order to establish a tunnel or any other connectivity between instances in different regions you will need to use the later address.

Note: you will incur bandwidth charges for data between instances in different regions that would be avoided if the instances were in the same data center.

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At last, I gave up the idea somehow. But this approach sounds workable. – Liang Zhao Jun 14 '12 at 10:51

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