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Greetings! Does anyone know the way to restore files from harddrive, that reports CRC (cyclic redundancy check) errors on acquiring file lists (even cmd's dir command). Thanks in advance!

OS: Windows 7
Filesystem: NTFS
chkdsk says that disk FS is RAW

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Operating System? Drive type? File System (and version)? Any idea how it happened? What have you tried already, chkdsk, other utilities? –  Chris S Jun 2 '11 at 13:44

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Hard CRC errors (i.e. ones where the error is coming from the hard drive/controller) are usually an indication that your hard drive is dying. Your best bet is to hit up Google for some data recovery software options, or Data Recovery companies that specialize in this sort of thing.
Standard Disclaimer: The above links do not represent an endorsement of these tools/companies - You can also search on here for Data Recovery questions and get a bunch of other suggestions with personal experience stories to back them up...

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