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I'am thinking now a few day's about whats the best way is to give many users access via FTP to my server to upload there ASP.NET apps and execute it safetly.

I think I will use ProFTPD with mod-mysql and "CreateHome on" so I can manage all the user logins easily in a database and the user folders would create automaticly for me on first login.

My main problem is this: How can I make that the ASP.NET app can't go outside of the FTP user home dir? I readed that in the PHP world this problem could be solved with suEXEC when using the Apache2 webserver.

Can I do the same when using the fastcgi-mono-server?

Or is there any better solution with other webserver like NGINX or lighttpd?

Any tips how can I do this project at best and easiest?

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Does realy no one have an idea? – NKnusperer Jun 4 '11 at 9:10

You can, I've did.

I have nginx with php-fpm (some instructions), fastcgi-mono-server and perl/cgi. Then I have pure-ftpd (instructions, not using GUI) and I can create ftp accounts (1+) for each site root. I have a script for this but others have more complete ones that use db to store users settings more easy.

Sites structure:

/srv/www/ # actual site root and ftp root
/srv/www/ # logs location set on each server
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