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We are trying to migrate Quick Edit CMS-based website to a new hosting. It was hosted on the Re-seller server.

We follow the standard migration procedure as such:

  1. Dump your database
  2. copy and import the database to the new server
  3. Put up a temporary site - and make sure it works fine
  4. Point the domain to the new hosting DNS

We migrated all files - and created a TEMP folder in the new hosting; however, the temporary site complains about the license status.

Also, the license on the old server was coming to an end - and the Re-seller has renewed its license. However, they have been unhelpful to provide further assistance.

Can anyone advise on how to make sure the license works on the new server?

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We are also transfering a website from a host company called Aroma Design Vancouver who have been very rude and uncooperative with the transfer. Is this the same company and if so did you find a resolution? – user129935 Jul 26 '12 at 23:12

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