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I've had to upgrade my CentOS PHP package to 5.2.10 to enable the JSON extension, but it's not gone 100% smoothly. Naturally..

I used this guide:

On completing "yum update", "php -v" showed a bunch of extension errors so I updated those using "pecl upgrade [package]". That reduced the number of warnings down to one:

PHP Warning: Module 'readline' already loaded in Unknown on line 0

I've tried updating this package individually but neither yum or pecl can find it (not installed apparently) despite the sitting in /usr/lib/php/modules/. I know you need to compile php using -readline, is this now my only option: a complete recompile from fresh?

I hope not.

Anyone able to help? Thanks.


5.3 is indeed out and works fine with plesk. To get JSON running had to:

  • Update yum with this Plesk / CentOS focused rpm
  • Disable plesk sitebuilder functionality (conflict with new PHP version)
  • pecl uninstall / reinstall of json package
  • double checked it was being called from etc/php.d/
  • chmod 755 /usr/lib/php/modules/
  • service httpd restart

I know json is included in php-common from 5.2 upwards, but this seemed to fix it regardless. Uninstalling via pecl left it working too.

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If an even newer PHP is not a problem (PHP 5.3), it is now available for CentOS 5.6.

The packages are named php53 instead of php, and the json module is part of the php53-common package.

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