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So I tried to install Mercurial on Ubuntu 10.04. First I used the ppa repo, but got a pythonpath error, which I gave up on. Next try was install from source, everything went well, except it can't find hg:

$ hg
-bash: /usr/bin/hg: No such file or directory

However, hg is installed in /usr/local/bin/ :

$ which hg

The PATH includes this directory, so why is hg not found?

$ echo $PATH

If I execute hg with the full path it works:

$ /usr/local/bin/hg --version

Any help is really appreciated!

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Bash maintains a cache of locations of executables in $PATH. You had hg in /usr/bin at some point, and ran it from that shell. Now you've removed /usr/bin/hg. You need to tell your running shell to forget this location:

hash hg

A new shell wouldn't have this problem, since the cache isn't shared between shell instances.

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Thanks!! So simple, but takes hours to discover if you stay in the same shell. – floorish Jun 3 '11 at 23:29

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