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I initiated a reboot to perform a disk check, and during the check I lost power to the machine. Now it doesn't boot.

I ran disk utilities on the HDD and everything checks out, but windows won't boot.

The drive has 2 paritions (one is a manufacturer repair drive), and the repair parition is perfectly fine (accessible, etc.), but the OS parition seems to be shot.

I pulled the drive, and plugged it into another machine, which recognizes it, assignes it a drive letter, but I can't access any files on the drive or get any information about it (size, gb used/free, etc.)

I tried doing a windows repair, but it doesn't detect any installations of windows and simply wants to install over the parition via a reformat.

I realize I'm probably up a creek without a paddle on the partition, but I thought I'd reach out and see if anyone had a way to recover data from the drive before I call it a loss and reformat...

Are there any tools available to me to recover data?

Also, why would power loss during a disk check cause the parition to blow out? I've never seen this happen before; in the past I've been able to run a windows repair and recover the installation.

Thanks for any help.

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Have you tried running chkdsk from the installation CD in repair mode? – user48838 Jun 6 '11 at 17:17

Try this:SystemRescueCd

If it's not working and no data probably the metadata are corrupt/gone...

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Try to use a program called testdisk. It's opensource and does a good job to deal with different filesystem partitions. It helped me many times.

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Here's what I did to resolve:

  • I used "Partition Recovery" to get into the corrupted partition
  • I made a copy of all data using a scratch drive
  • Ran the Recovery tool that came with the machine (HP Restore) to reinstall OS
  • Repopulated data onto fresh intstall from scratch drive
  • Reinstalled Programs
  • Configured backups for the machine

User was back online after that. No data loss, only programs lost client didn't know/want installed anyways.

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