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I have an option to choose between the 2 processors for a dedicated server. Most of my sites use MySQL and Perl. Other difference is that I get 8 GB of RAM with the AMD processor and 2GB with the Intel processor. I expected be on the dedicated server for a year at least.

Can someone help which one I should go with and why?


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You are not doing number-crunching and you use plural "sites". That points to the AMD setup for several reasons:

  1. RAM. In and of itself 4x the amount of RAM is a winner for any DB use.
  2. More cores. I don't think, that your major bottleneck is going to be CPU performance. More cores means that you can have more threads doing their work.
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I will go with the AMD and see how it works out. Thanks. – rpat Jun 7 '11 at 4:03

Honestly just by the numbers I'd be going with the AMD. I'm not a DBA, nor am I intimately familiar with MySQl and Perl, other than running them the half dozen web servers I have in house. 1.5x more cores and 4x the ram just seem like where you'd want to be.

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Thanks for your answer. – rpat Jun 7 '11 at 4:04

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