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Skipping over the pros/cons of RAID 5, I have a software RAID-5 array made from 3x 2TB disks. I started the sync and nearly 12 hours later the sync is still going. Is there any way that I can view the progress of the sync? Most screenshots I've seen of a RAID setup shows "Resyncing [x]%" but not on mine.

F5 in disk manager does nothing.

Going to More Tasks > Refresh also shows nothing.

File Services installed, nothing extra.

CPU (Dual Core 2.0GHz) is between 1-5% usage, RAM is between 500-550MB (of 2GB). enter image description here

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The rebuild can take a lot longer than 12 hours. Have you tried to load the disk management mmc from another computer and connect to the rebuilding server? I have had odd behavior on occasion from 2k8 disk management. Sometimes connecting from a remote computer works. – Chris Jun 6 '11 at 19:53
Not yet, I will try that once I get home. – tombull89 Jun 7 '11 at 12:44
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Well, it looks like there's no "for sure" way. When I RDP into the server it, more often than not, shows the progress in Disk Management.

I have found an answer on this question here which says either press "F5" and refresh the console that way, or go into the right-hand "Actions" menu, choose "more actions" and "refresh" and that seems to do the trick as well.

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I believe the answer is to wait!

Leave the disks alone, don't write any new data to them. I had `resynching' as a progress for days whilst restoring from backup, but then something went awry - rebuilt the array and left it alone, after a few hours saw the magical "3%" status.

Patience, is after all, a virtue...

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