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I'm looking for a PHP accelerator for PHP 5.3.6 (nts vc9 32-bit Windows Server 2008 IIS7) for a production server. I'm aware there are other discussions on SO, e.g. php-accelerator-review, but I have also read on SO in installing-php-apc-on-windows-apache that the most popular - APC - doesn't work with 5.3.6.

As this is a production server I would rather not use an older version of PHP and lose security fixes for the sake of performance, so with APC off the cards what is the next best choice for my (production) requirement?

My site is based on the CakePHP framework and as a result I'm conscious of parsing and compiling the framework in addition to my own code every time, also the Production server is not the highest spec (plenty of memory, but poor CPU).

Any suggestions much appreciated.

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This question is not so much answered as avoided - I discovered WinCache and went with it. The installation & configuration were a total breeze and the accelerator is working great.

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