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I've installed JIRA and configured it to operate on port 8090. In order to get to it I go to the following URL:


What I want to do is to make it accessible through this URL:


Is there a way through apache or tomcat to make this happen?

I'm running Apache2, Tomcat6 on Ubuntu.

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if you can use mod_proxy on apache, try doing this in the default vhost:

ProxyPass /jira/ http://localhost:8090 ProxyPassReverse /jira/ http://localhost:8090

this should always keep your url to http://localhost/jira meanwhile in the background it proxies to the port on 8090

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EDIT: It looks like I misunderstood the OP's question.

If Apache is listening on :80, and you would like the /jira path to proxy transparently back to your tomcat instance listening on :8090, then the mod_proxy solution provided by coderwhiz is the most straight-forward way of doing so.

mod_proxy should be included in the apache2.2-bin package, so it should already be installed.

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Mr Tuttle, I think he (or she) was asking how to configure apache or tomcat to listen on port 80 and redirect to jira. If you could fix your answer, I wont ding you for this one. – Rik Schneider Jun 6 '11 at 21:12

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