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SSMS 2008 -> Excel 2003

This isn't happening all the time, but sometimes when I 'copy with headers' from sql server management studio, the results in Excel look as though I've used the 'text to columns' wizard with 'spaces' and 'brackets' as delimiters, meaning that the results become raggedly distributed across columns making them useless

I've looked in the 'grid output' query options but can't see anything which may be causing the issue

(not sure if this should be on superuser?)

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It is persisting 'text to columns' settings from earlier

Find an empty cell
put asdf
in that cell

Data|Text to columns
uncheck all the options
finish up

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This problem (bug) can be in fact cause by using Text to column feature in Excel. Once you use this feature, the Excel somehow thing it is still on when you do copy and past. It break one column name into two if the header has space in it.

To fixed this Go to Text To column and select a different delimiter other than space, such as comma or tab. Then copy and paste. It should fixed the problem.

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