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Please can someone tell me what this means?:

<!--HELP[Manual modification of the header may cause parsing problem!]/-->
<!--LOGGINGVERSION[ - 630]/-->
#1.5#C0000A25023100000000425359C9B9CA0004A51CC6D5CF78#1307442920411#/System/Server/Upgrade/[main,5,main] system version {0} is too low. You need at least version {2}.#4#AMD64 5.2#MSS 10.0.2734#[AMD64 6.0,AMD64 6.0]##

It occurs in the \usr\sap\jupgrade\log\CHECKS.LOG file, when I run the 'General Checks' stage of the' PREPARE Module Status' program.

I am trying to patch a SAP 7.01 SAP Portal to EHP2. The server is running Windows 2003 SP2, MS SQL Server 2008 SP1.

I believe that the versions of both the OS and DB are sufficient for EHP2. The upgrade will use a 7.2 kernel and I think that the software versions are sufficient for that too.

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It is a poor error message.

In fact, I should have been using the Enhancement Package installer (SAPehpi). The document for that is here:

  • SAP NetWeaver
  • SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s)
  • Maintenance
  • Enhancement Package Installation on Existing SAP Systems
  • SAP Enhancement Package Installation on Java Systems (using SAPehpi)
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