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I have a lot of Sharepoint sites that I need to setup permissions on. Manually opening each site and adding users takes a lot of time. It is also tedious as these users are usually the same ones across many (but not all) of the sites.

Is there a way to group manage these sites (without inherited permissions)?

I have seen a few programs out there that do it, but they are not free. Normally that would not be too much of a problem, but my company has put out a purchasing freeze. So I have no hope of buying any tools for this.

Before I spend all that time manually updating each site, I thought I would see if there is a free tool out there that helps me do this.

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Have you looked at using PowerShell? Is there something it didn't provide or you didn't like that can help in answering your questions? – Goyuix Jun 7 '11 at 18:43
@Goyuix - I have not looked at using PowerShell. Does it have a some "Group Management" type commands that will allow me to update permissions to more than one site at a time? (Do you have a link to something about this that I can read up on?) – Vaccano Jun 7 '11 at 18:57
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You can use PowerShell to help automate this, you may want to get started with the instructional video here:

To help get you started - a simple script like this to add a user to a site:

New-SPUser -UserAlias "DOMAIN\Goyuix" -Web "http://localhost" -Group "Team Site Owners"

You can also remove users easily enough:

Remove-SPUser "DOMAIN\Goyuix" -Web "http://localhost"

You may also find these getting started instructions helpful:

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