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When I try to install solr-beta:

pecl install solr-beta

I get this error:

pecl/solr requires PHP extension "curl" No valid packages found install failed

The thing is curl is already installed and it seems to be enable when I look at my phpinfo page.

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I have exactly the same problem us you :) – einstein Jun 12 '11 at 19:28
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From what is mentioned in, pecl does not recognize php modules that were not statically compiled into php. So if you are using any shared libraries, pecl will ignore them.

Pecl also ignores your php.ini.

The good news is there are still two easy ways to install this if you have curl as a shared extension:

1) pear install pecl/solr

2) pecl install -n solr

That should install solr php module. You will have to include the library by modifying the php.ini file.

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