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I have .jad files and its related .cod files and i have uploaded it to the server whenever i hit the link form my blackberry bb browser it opens the file in the browser.

i want to upload apps to my server and whenever the link is hit from bb browser it automatically start downloading and install the app

what should i do... i have read the forum in which it says call a .htaccess file to app directory

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Likely your web server is not sending the correct MIME types for .jad and .cod files, as documented in Installing BlackBerry Java Applications Using the Web Browser. How you do this depends on your web server, but for Apache web servers you can do this by following the instructions in How to Setup an Apache Web Server to Deliver BlackBerry OTA Applications.

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Thanks I have achieved it i have used the mime type...

AddType text/ jad
AddType application/vnd.rim.cod cod
AddType application/java-archive jar
AddType audio/adpcm adp

in .htaccess file and place it with my app and when i hit the direct link i get the app downloaded to my blackberry from bb browser....

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