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I am testing out Adobe Reader deployment to our Windows XP/7 boxes through System Center Essentials 2007. I have the "Adobe Reader and Runtime Software Distribution License Agreement" for 200 PC's and have run the Adobe customization wizard to get all the settings I want in place. The problem is that the main program (10.0.0) is in .msi format and the update in .msp (10.0.1), which can’t be deployed through SCE. To get around this I modified the .msi to include the .msp update (msiexec /a "c:\server\AcroRead.msi" /p "c:\server\AdbeRdrUpd1001_Tier1.msp"). Finally I use the installation parameters: (TRANSFORMS=\server\sharename\.mst) to get my customizations applied.

So far everything appears to work and I plan to deploy to my department next. Has anyone else done this before though? Anything I should be worried about? While I have remotely deployed .msi files before, I have never modified them myself.

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