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I am having an application package which I need to install on 500+ users workstations in a production environment. I don't have any SMS tool or software distribution tool to deploy that I need to do with Windows Server 2003 options only or command-line interface batch file.

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If the computers are in your Windows domain, you could use the Software Installation extension with group policies for automated installations.

This TechNet article explains this technique:

How Group Policy Software Installation Extension Works

The Group Policy Software installation extension allows administrators to use the Group Policy Object Editor to centrally manage the installation of software on all client computers in an organization. This is accomplished either by assigning applications to users or computers, or by publishing applications for users.

Software can be assigned on a per-user or per-computer basis when an organization does not want to give users the choice to install or remove the software. For example, if a user removes a user-assigned application by using Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel, the Group Policy Software installation extension automatically reapplies the advertisement information after the user logs on or the computer restarts, and the software is reinstalled the next time a user selects it or tries to open a file with an associated file name extension. It is not possible for a user to delete a computer-assigned application. In most cases, packages that are assigned to users or computers include applications that are essential but do not create congestion between the clients and the software distribution points.

There is another article on TechNet, which explains the basics: What Is Group Policy Software Installation Extension?

alt text

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Your other option would be to use Sysinternals (now a part of Microsoft) psexec. It can either run a command remotely on a specified machine or on all machines in a text file. Have the machines either run the installer or a batch file that copies/installs your application.


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