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Is there any way to automate user's home folder qouta by script. I have auto useradd script, and I want to add code in script about quota for home folder of size 2 GB. For example:

edquota sally

    Disk quotas for user sally (uid 1045):
  Filesystem                   blocks       soft       hard     inodes     soft     hard

  /dev/loop0                       16       0           0          4        0        0

How to make command edqouta change value of hard limit from 0 to 2037760 by script? in other words how to modify edquota sally to automatically change value.

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edquota is not really suitable for scripting.

quotatool handles quotas from the commandline. Easy to use in scripts. It's included in most major Linux distributions, and is also available for *BSD, Mac OSX, AIX and Solaris.

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OK, it looks like you did man edquota :-)

It looks like all you need to do is append some text into the quota files: i.e.

echo 'text' >> /quota.user

For example in OpenBSD, you would use:

 quota.user   at the filesystem root with user quotas
 quota.group  at the filesystem root with group quotas
 /etc/fstab   to find filesystem names and locations
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