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I am trying to deploy Access 2007 runtime via group policy and I am having a problem. So, i downloaded the AccessRT.exe and run accessrt.exe /extract to get the msi file. Then when I try to attach the .msi to a software policy to the new gpo I get the following error.

"Add Operation Failed. Unable to extract deployment information from the package. Run validation on the package to ensure that the package is correct."

To the best of my googling ability I find that I need to create a config.xml file. Well, documentation isn't the best there and I still can't get it to work even after creating a config.xml file(below).

<Display Level="none" AcceptEula="yes" />  

<INSTALLLOCATION Value="%programfiles%\Microsoft Office" />


<DistributionPoint Location="\\Shared\NETLogon\Software Deployments\Microsoft\Access RT 2007" />

<Logging Type="standard" Path="%temp%" Template="AccessRT(*).txt"/>

<Setting Id="SETUP_REBOOT" Value="NEVER" />

Any suggestions?

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Do you have office 2000 installed on the computer you are trying to add this policy from? support.microsoft.com/kb/302471 –  Nixphoe Jun 9 '11 at 18:46
Nope. But thanks for that. –  nkuebelbeck Jun 9 '11 at 20:07

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In my attempt to figure this out. I tried running the msi on my computer and recieved an error....

Error 1713. Setup cannot install one of the required products for Microsoft Office Access Runtime 2010

Which led me to this article.


So long story short, starting with Microsoft office 2007 you can't install any product via a .msi file.


Thanks microsoft.

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