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I'm looking for a solution for Mac that allows remote silent installs of software. I'm a system administrator that works for a company that has a network of both Mac and Windows computers. On the Windows side we can use a technology called Remote Procedure Call (RPC) to do this.

Is anyone in the Mac community doing this, and if so what technologies are you employing?

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Can you provide a link to what you mean by RPC as the normal meaning is for how a program on one machine calls a function on another and not how to install software – Mark Jun 9 '11 at 19:41

Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) can do this -- if the other computer is on and you can connect to it. [There is a possibility to run something called a Task Server, but I've never tried it.]

We are using a product called Casper that helps tremendously in doing this.

I have wondered about using Munki, Puppet, and Radmind but haven't tried them.

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If you have the package already ARD is your best bet but if you're going to develop them from scratch, I'm a big supporter of Radmind. – Scott Keck-Warren Jun 9 '11 at 20:35

Where I work we use Absolute Manage to do this. The product is full of other features, and not cheap. Check the link for more.

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