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I have Apache 2.2.17 using the WAMPServer 2.1 installation. I am debugging a website fully local on my computer.

I have the following rule in the .htaccess:

# Use PHP5 Single php.ini as default  
AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5s .php  
Options +FollowSymlinks  
RewriteEngine on

Rewritebase /  
RewriteRule ^bella/(.*)/(.*)$ beauty.php?beauty_id=$1 [L]  
RewriteRule ^(argentina|brasil|chile|colombia|espana|mexico|rep_dominicana|uruguay|venezuela|peru|bolivia|cuba|ecuador|panama|paraguay|puerto_rico)/$ country.php?name=$1 [L]  
RewriteRule ^(argentina|brasil|chile|colombia|espana|mexico|rep_dominicana|uruguay|venezuela|peru|bolivia|cuba|ecuador|panama|paraguay|puerto_rico)/(hi5|facebook|twitter|orkut)/$ socialnetw.php?country=$1&category=$2 [L]  

The problem When I enable this rule and try to access http://localhost/index.php using FF I get a download dialog for the PHP file. If I comment the Rewrite* part in the .htaccess file then the index.php file loads fine, but navigation in the page is broken...

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Apparently this is a combinations of several things. Here is what I ended up doing.
I decided to uninstall WAMP and install Apache,PHP and MySQL manually. Then I encountered the same problem, but I used the right search query in Google to find out that the problem was with the AddType and AddHandler directives in httpd.conf. After that I had additional problems in the php.ini file with the timezone configuration, but now the php pages are parsed and shown correctly.

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