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I've got two different OpenVPN servers running on a box and I want to restart one of them (and leave the other untouched). I know I can restart all OpenVPN service using service openvpn restart, but then that restarts all OpenVPN services.

Is there a way to restart a specific OpenVPN server using the service command?

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As the /etc/init.d/openvpn script (which is what gets executed by /usr/sbin/service) does not offer any options to do it (at least with ubuntu-10.04), the answer is no.

But since it is all scripts, you can just edit /etc/init.d/openvpn and add something like

  log_action_begin_msg "Restarting $DESC $2"
  log_daemon_msg "  Stopping VPN '$NAME'"
  sleep 1
  log_daemon_msg "  Restarting VPN '$NAME'"
  if test -z "$PIDFILE" ; then
    log_warning_msg "  VPN $2 is not running."

after the

case "$1" in

dirctive. Later, you can simply call service openvpn named-restart <vpn-name>.

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the cmd "service openvpn restart" don't do distinction, it restart the services. I think an solution might be to reload the service. It will not cut the service doing, but reload the configuration file. So It might do the trick.

Else I don't think you can restart one of you vpn without restart the other with the service cmd.

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