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Possible Duplicate:
How to install Postgres on LINUX with two verions?

I've installed multiple PostgreSQL version(9.0.3, 8.4.6) on same server . I've changed PORT also. I used to run:

 psql -h localhost -p 5437 -U postgres8 -d postgres. 

It is working fine. But showing old version (8.3) instead of 8.4.

what is my mistake? Please help me...

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You probably mean the version output of your psql binary. Try to make the server version visible:

$ psql -h localhost -p 5437 -U postgres8 -d postgres
SELECT version();

To avoid problems, I'd recommend to either use the psql binary from PostgreSQL 9 or to use the psql binary that matches the server version. Unter Debian/Ubuntu you'll find the binaries under /usr/lib/postgresql/<VERSION>/bin/psql.

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