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We have a single web server with SQL server etc (all MS, server 2008 web etc).

We need to allow access to the database directly so our customer can write reports (it's the way SSRS is!). We original had the DB just sitting on the internet, you wouldn't believe how many attempts were made to get into the sa account!

sa account renamed to something else now, and we are using the Windows Firewall.

thing is, some of the customers work from home, with dynamic IP addresses, so they have to mail each day/weeek/router reboot, and I have to remote desktop in to allow that IP address.

IS THERE A BETTER WAY? I was thinking of a web interface for the firewall, they can add their own IP address, or preferably, they just log in, and it allows access to everything from that IP, or something like that.

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I think a VPN would be a good solution (if I've understood correctly your needs). You can easily set a free and very secure one using OpenVPN (you get the chance to use username/passwords and 2048 bit certificates: pretty sure, if you ask me). The fastest and easiest way I've found to implement this solution is using a rather old pc (any p4 with 2 network card will do the job) and Zeroshell ( Feel free to ask any kind of details :)

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