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I have this in my nginx.conf

server {
      listen 80;
      server_name localhost;
      root /opt/myapp/public;
      passenger_enabled on;

The problem is I can access the webapp from the computer on which it's running, but not from any other computer in the network. Any ideas?

Running on CentOS 5.6

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'server_name localhost' makes nginx require the Host header to be 'localhost', ie require that the client is trying to reach it using 'http://localhost' and thus only work on localhost itself :-).

Either do not enter a server_name, or use one that the other hosts will recognize it with (fqdn, IP etc).

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Thanks for pointing that out. That does clear some things. Seems though that my problem was actually because of CentOS. The firewall was blocking everything, nginx was working fine – andrew Jun 11 '11 at 10:59

It should be listening on all interfaces with that config, you can check if it's indeed listening on all interfaces with the following command

netstat -aln | grep 80

The result should look like this (Taken from one of my servers)

tcp    0      0 *            LISTEN

If that matches, you should check if you have a firewall enabled on the server, if so you need to open TCP port 80 on it.

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