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Possible Duplicate:
Open Source Unified Threat Management Software Options

I want to install firewall which have following features Antispam, Anti Virus, Webfiltering, Userwise access, Intrusion prevention etc. is any product from open source )(ie untangle/ipcop) any other solution for the above implementation if any one can help me with this.

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This is similar to this other question:… – chmeee Jun 18 '09 at 10:45
Don't forget the paradox of defense in depth -- which is that the more security products you layer into your perimeter, the more you increase your chances that one of those products will itself have a security vulnerability that will open your network to compromise. Have you thought through exactly what security features you need and why? – Ben Dunlap Jun 18 '09 at 17:09
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Pfsense can do most of this if you add extra packages which are easily installable inside the distribution. It is also very stable and intuitive to use.

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Look at Endian Firewall

Endian Download

The Endian Firewall is an open source Linux distribution that specializes on Routing/Firewalling and Unified Threat Management

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