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I was doing some research to get rid of a problem that I have in my Company about DNS questions.

The following link helped me understanding most of my questions, but one. Internal and External DNS from Different Servers, Same Zone

I understand that I'm not creating A or CNAME entries for my internal servers, but a whole new zone, where the root of each zone resolves my internal addresses.

But what if I need to overwrite an entry? Here's the example:

I have a domain called mydomain.com hosted in an external server that resolves all my websites: www.mydomain.com(CNAME entry for mydomain.com), mail.mydomain.com(A entry for, app1.mydomain.com(A entry for and so. And I have my internal DNS resolving "subzones" of mydomain.com as dev.mydomain.com (zone that has root pointing to, svn.mydomain.com (zone that has root pointing to

BUT, my app1 server a web server hosted internally that I open to Internet. And my question is if is that anyway to overwrite the A entry for that server that is in my external DNS resolving to my app1 server public IP, for a person that tries to resolve the name from my internal network to get, that is the app1 internal address.

Was I clear enough?

Thanks in advance,


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It sounds like you are looking for what is referred to as a "split-DNS" configuration where the following appears to describe the steps in setting one up via Windows DNS (sorry for the assumption, but you did not identify which DNS platform you are utilizing):


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