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I've added a file to mongodb's GridFS using:

mongofiles put <the file>

Now I can see it by by running the command:


Only if I'm using the test database, when I use a custom database, the second command returns nothing. Is mongodb using test as the default database for storing files? Is there a way to specify this?

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I get it now. When I run the first command it uses test as default database since I didn't specify any. To specify my database I have to use -d flag like: mongofiles -d <database name> now when I use my database, db.fs.chunks.find() returns something useful. Unfortunately I can't answer my own question since I have yet a small reputation. – Marconi Jun 12 '11 at 7:42
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Is mongodb using test as the default database for storing files?

Yes, test is the default database.

Is there a way to specify this?

Yes. This will vary by driver. If you're doing it from the command line you can connect to servername:port/databasename. There's also typically a -d option for specifying the DB name.

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