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I have a VPS with Windows 2003. At the moment in explorer for a 50GB hard drive shows that there is only about 2GB free, I ran WinDirStat and it shows that files are using 14GB. this is a VPS that runs on top of virtuozzo.

Any ideas why?


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Do you have volume shadow copy service (VSS) enabled? – Christopher Jun 12 '11 at 22:56

Possibly file/disk compression on the server file system or on the VM host virtual storage container/file.

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Have a look at: How to restore missing space in NTFS file systems

Particularly the bit that says:

I'd also look at system restore. Try running WinDirStat as SYSTEM using PsExec and see if there is a large amount of files under System Volume Information named Restore{GUID}.

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it turns out that there loads of log files in c:\windows\system32\Logfiles

i m talking about 33+ GB and windirstat did not see them.

I ran windirstat with a higher permission set and it did find 33GB of pdb files but it couldnt tell me where they were or any other info, and it only showed me that when i put view Unknown. so a bit disappointed that windirstat could not see these log files

I thought I should post this in case there is someone else with this prob

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