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I have an IIS7 Windows 2003 Dedicated server.

I just wanted to know if I delete old files such as

XML, HTML, ASP, PHP, images, CSS, JavaScript.. etc.. files that are no longer used..

Does this make my server faster?

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If you're low on disk space yes but otherwise no, no it doesn't.

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What Chopper3 said, there really isn't much to gain unless your disk is below 10% free space - even then the gains can be marginal – ITHedgeHog Jun 13 '11 at 10:59

If nothing is operating on those files then, No. Extra files don't slow the server.

If any of the below are true then, Yes. You may see some performance improvement by removing them.

  • If they are accessible via the web: then web crawlers will hit them.
  • If they are often changed: then windows search indexing will index them.
  • If they take up your last GB of disk space: then they may interfere with disk access & fragmentation.
  • If you browse to the folder containing the files: then they will cause extra GUI load to look up and display the metedata.
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