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I am not new to unix, but I am new to Mac OS. I have seen that its pretty easy to use macports to get/build the tip version of boost. But I need to get/build/install boost v1.41, not the latest boost. That is because the test framework I am working with won't compile against anything newer than boost v1.41. Though I would prefer to be able to bring the framework up to using v1.46 of boost, I am not permitted the time.

I know with Gentoo linux I can set a specific version of a lib/app that I want to emerge. Easy stuff once you know how to do it. With macports I can't find anything that is like that.

So my question: How can I use macports to get/build/install boost v1.41?

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There's a link to MacPorts site where you can learn how to install older port version.

However your desire to use obsolete software versions would do you no good. It would be much better to fix your app then relying on specific version of third-party application.

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Have you looked at the Homebrew package manager?

You can recall older formula (install scripts) and edit formula to install specific versions pretty easily.

See the StackOverflow Question Homebrew install specific version of formula ?

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