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Sub:High memory utilization by sqlservr.exe process.

When I look into task manager -->processes or by using perfmon memory counters(Sqlserver:memory manager:Target server memory and Total server memory) I am getting high memory utilization by sqlservr.exe process nearly 8 GB (Target server memory counter) and 7.95 GB (Total server memory).

and when I restart the MSSQLSERVER service it again shoots up to the same size. I am getting this issue quite frequently.

Please help me out in identifying why sql server is using so much memory and how to find out what query , stored procedure etc is making sql server use that much memory.

* I am not using any triggers or cursors in my code.


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Normal behavior. –  KCotreau Jun 14 '11 at 13:32

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In my experience, SQL Server will attempt to preallocate as much memory as it can, as it is highly reliant on memory for performance. It usually takes our SQL Server machines about a week to get up to 32GB RAM footprint for the SQL Server process.

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Specifically, unless you configure it to use less, SQL Server will try and use all the server's memory for cache (and therefore be faster). –  Richard Jun 14 '11 at 7:45

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