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Having trouble with making a backup script for automatically updating the var folder to another server nightly

BDATE=`date +%F`
 rsync --exclude=foldera/folderb -bavz --backup-dir=backup-$(BDATE)

This doesn't seem to be working when I run it, have I done something wrong?


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At a first glance, your problem seems to be the --backup-dir flag. The $(BDATE) won't expand to the date. Just try this from a terminal:


echo $BDATE --> 14-06-2011

echo foo-$(BDATE) --> DATE: command not found foo-

if you use this foo-$BDATE it will work: echo foo-$BDATE --> foo-14-06-2011

Also, can you please post the output if it still doesn't work?

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$( ) is command substitution, like the backticks: `` If you are trying isolate a variable you use curly braces, e.g., ${foo}_bar will reference the var foo. In this case, $BDATE doesn't need any such isolation. FYI $(( )) is arithmetic evaluation.

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