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I'm looking to setup an SMB/windows share that you can access through the internet on either a windows 2003 or windows 2008 server. This would be for a server behind a firewall, I have a handle on NAT. I'm mainly looking for a tool that can setup which share that needs to be shared publicly and authentication. I got the idea from the \\tools site (read here).

I've seen lots of posts here and on google about setting up a web based SMB share, but I'm looking more to setup a full \ access back to the server (read only of course), so I can map to it from a remote location.

Can this be done with native tools, or would I need a 3rd party app?

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you could use webdav and map that if you want. – tony roth Jun 14 '11 at 22:23

Simply forwarding the port tcp/139 and/or tcp/445 from your NAT device to the destination server maybe after setting DisableStrictNameChecking would do that. Although you would potentially (if you have a username with enough access rights and the corresponding password handy) get access to all shares on the destination server, Windows does not support any kind of per-interface or per-client restriction for share access controls.

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As @tony roth pointed out. webdav did the trick for me. They key here was needing to install the update for it found here to get it working on my windows 7 machine. After that I was actually able to map web sites to drive letters net use z: , wasn't exactly what I was asking for, but this did exactly what I needed it for.

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