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If I move my email server to a different server, and consequently a different IP address, but keep the same domain name, do I lose the work I've done to get whitelisted?

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"It depends on how the mail server provider sets up their whitelist."

Generally speaking:

  • If they have configured their mail server to accept traffic from your IP you need to tell them the IP changed.
  • If they set up a DNS-based whitelist to pass your domain, you probably don't have to do anything.
  • If their whitelist is based on your SPF records you may need to update the record (if you use IPs in it instead of hostnames)
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Just did a huge blitz for our mail servers, and practically everyone asks for IPs. That's why when I applied to all of them, I made sure to note where to apply and/or contact information of anyone there. Would make any changes or additions much easier. – JonLim Jun 16 '11 at 18:15

In my past workings, its usually the domain name that matters. Thats pretty much why we have DNS servers to take care of resolutions. When I would check against our own domain in the blacklistings, I would see entries like * and billgates.mac.chi. It really depends on the listing service you subsribe to though.

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