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I’m a recently hired developer at my company. We have dedicated Linux servers with RackSpace which currently use Plesk. I find Plesk to be confusing and unwieldy. For example I went to assign some more FTP users and found that Plesk will only allow you to assign one FTP user. Can anyone recommended the best LAMP server management software? I want to be able to do CRUD on FTP users, MySQL users and databases, PHP compile features such as GD2, PHP version upgrades, Shell access and users, CRON, etc. I’ve always used shared servers in the past so this part is new to me.


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Ensim and CPanel comes to mind.

I'm not sure it includes PHP compile features and all the stuff you mentioned but they are the two most common competitor to Plesk.


You can do all of the mentioned things with Plesk, it just takes a little tweaking and might need to be done from the cli. The easiest way to add a new ftp user is to add the user manually and then set the users home directory to the site you want them to access. You will need to tweek the permissions so the new user can access the home directory of the site.


I am bit late with response, but in summer 2011 Plesk already had an option of additional FTP users, just needed to use Plesk 10 version.


I'm using DirectAdmin.

It works pretty well and allows to have a good control on the system, without interfering too much with eventually manual configuration. It can do everything you said and I found it to be very well documented. It's also cheaper than other panel, like Plesk o CPanel, with 300$ dollars you can get a lifetime license for unlimited domain and they grant you upgrade to the newer version.

On their site, you can also have a try.

Have a look at it.