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I'm looking for some forum software that is similar to Vanilla and bbPress in that there is a 'global topic list' with tags/subforums narrowing down the focus, as opposed to topics being split between subforums by default.

The reason I ask for alternatives is because neither of those forums support PostgresSQL, which my main site already runs just dandy on, and I would like to avoid installing MySQL if at all possible. The forum can run on either PHP or Python, a Django app would be even nicer.


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I'd probably just go with Vanilla, if possible. If it has the feature set you require, there isn't much of a problem allowing both databases to coexist.

I was more worried about memory/CPU footprint. It's not necessarily a problem now, but I might be migrating off my dedicated server to a VPS soonish, and I'd like all the free RAM I can get. – AlexMax Jun 15 '11 at 18:57

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