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I'm kind of new to working with NFS shares, but here's what I have.



ALL: client1.mydomain.com, client2.mydomain.com




/mnt/storage client1.mydomain.com(rw) client2.mydomain.com(rw)
/mnt/logs client1.mydomain.com(rw) client2.mydomain.com(rw)

On a client computer, I run the following:

mount server1.mydomain.com:/mnt/storage /mnt/storage

It hangs for a very long time, then fails with:

mount.nfs: Input/output error

What's the problem here, how can I tell what's going wrong?

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can you add the output of 'showmount -e servername' on the client? –  Michael Mittelstadt Jun 16 '11 at 0:31
Just a thought, but the URIs can be successfully resolved to IP addresses? –  Dabu Jun 16 '11 at 7:01

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I needed simply to run portmapper on each client before trying to mount. Weird. I would assume that the mount.nfs command would know to do that, but it apparently doesn't.

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