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Ihave a server that I need to install IIS on - however I don't have the windows 2003 CD available. It prompts me to insert the CD labeled "Service Pack 2 CD-ROM" - I've downloaded the service pack and it's not able to find the file it needs in there. How can I get IIS to install w/o the windows CD?

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Do you have an I386 folder on the machine? If so you should be able to install it from there.

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It will prompt you for SP2 files first -- these are in your Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386. Then it will prompt you for Windows Server 2003 RTM files -- these are on the CD. You can use any CD -- it does not have to be the same key as the one you've used to install with.

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You also can take this from another server in your network "\server\C$" and then select the i386 folder.

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Try mounting the CD #1 and the add the roll.

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Can you explain how this would solve the issue? – Dave M Jul 21 '15 at 22:21

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